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Upon arriving for your appointment, you will be asked to fill out health history forms. Once completed, Dr. Pasqua will review your health history and conduct an in-depth verbal health history and chief complaint interview. After the history, Dr. Pasqua will run through several physical and orthopedic tests that will provide a significant amount of information regarding your specific complaint. Once all the information is gathered, your treatment plan will be discussed with you prior to completing any therapy.

​Treatment will always depend on your current complaint and presentation. Often, it will start with a muscle and joint assessment wherein your active and passive ranges of motion are tested. Once tested and compared, Dr. Pasqua will perform Active Release Technique (ART) to all areas involved followed by joint manipulation. Again, depending on your chief complaint, a myriad of other treatment options may be recommended.

Once treatment has completed, Dr. Pasqua will discuss what to expect afterwards and also provide some helpful stretches and exercises for you to perform at home between appointments. 

'I reassess at the beginning of each appointment because we are dynamic biological systems that adapt and change with every influence we encounter'



Your subsequent visits will consist of a brief verbal recap of the previous treatment and how you responded. Your response to the initial care will determine whether care continues along the same lines or if a different approach will be used. As your pain subsides, Dr. Pasqua will increase the amount of rehabilitative and corrective exercises he prescribes in order to better equip you from suffering an injury relapse. 

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